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Dear Charlie, Remember you need to go to MMG! – Charlie B.
This was my third time at MMG. The first two opened my eyes to issues I was confronting in life. – Gerry L.
Laughter and the drone of men’s conversations in the dining hall = music to my heart!
I have never had the courage to ask for male friendship until now.
This was my first weekend. I did things (singing, dancing) that I ordinarily wouldn’t have done. – Mike H.
The key is the quality of the men who seem to check their coats of armor in their vehicles in the parking lot.
What a great time! It seemed to pass so quickly. To digest it all will take a while. I feel real good, happy and serene. – Bill K.
When I walked through the doors the first time, I was accepted right away. – Kevin H.
My comfort zone gets challenged here, but the atmosphere is safe.
Je ne trouve pas l’equivalent dans mon pays, peut-etre parc que MMG est tres unique.
The more time I spend at MMG, the better I am at keeping my heart open all the time.
The weekend was more than I expected: friendship, support, fun, education and great food!
One of the best things about MMG is it that it allows me to talk about issues and ideas that I wouldn’t allow into normal consciousness. – Joe T.
I find myself laughing more at MMG than in any other setting. And I am more willing to cry openly.
Thanks to you all for making a new guy feel so welcome and comfortable! – Ken E.
MMG is growing inside me, and I am growing inside MMG
I leave with an understanding of what I need to do until I come back next year. – Gerry L.
My second MMG experience was touching on a number of levels.
Why is it that MMG we are more playful with, and yet more respectful of other men?
Embers of friendship have warmed the cold pains of my marriage problems.
For the first time in my life, I had someone-several men, actually – to talk to about my feelings and problems.
Men are so beautiful! – Jonathan
What I learned about myself will spill over into my relationship at home. And I came here believing I was an open guy! – Mike H.
The healing that I received this weekend is profound. – Arthur
Deep, sweet gratitude for men who speak and listen from the heart, sharing knowledge, stories and insecurities. – Will
Thank you all for setting me back on my path! – Dave S.