What happens in the opening circle?

The opening circle serves a couple of purposes. First, it is a chance to go over a little “business”. We introduce the members of the Organizing Committee so that guys know who to go to with issues/problems/questions. We talk about the campground rules and boundaries, info on respecting personal boundaries (personal space), and explain a bit about what to expect over the weekend. Once we have taken care of business, we move into a “check-in” of sorts. This is where we go around the circle, and each man can “check-in” in terms of where he is from, why he is there and what he hopes to get out of the weekend. Some of the regulars will say a little about what has been happening in their lives. If you are planning to give a workshop, you also have a chance to talk briefly about it to encourage others to attend. We always start out and end with a brief song.