MMG 68 Registration Info

Bear Rock Lodge

Bear Rock Lodge – MMG 68

MMG 68 is happening soon! 

When our camp rental was finalized, we were near the deadline and sprang into action!

HURRY!  HURRY!!  Per our agreement with Camp Hi-Rock the deadline for registration is 5:00 PM on Monday, May22nd.

We will not be able to take last minute walk-ins.

EVERYBODY will need to submit their completed forms by Wednesday, May 24th!

The first thing you will need is a link to register for the weekend. This is the registration link:

There is more info on the camp at the registration page. Now it’s your turn to scramble!  We have an absolute deadline of May 22 to sign up and May 24 to send in the necessary forms.  This requirement comes from the camp, and it is the reality for us.  However, the weekend will be well worth the effort and the rushing. Keep in mind, the camp will not allow walk-ins. They need the forms sent in advance, and May 24th is the absolute cut-off.  This is non-negotiable.  We are also limited to 35 men, which is the sleeping capacity of the lodge. If a lot of men are interested, you should not procrastinate. We would hate to miss out on seeing you!

Here are the instructions for the forms that are required.

MMG 68 Form instructions

MMG 68 requires each participant to fill out and submit the following forms:

Form:                                                     Due:
Group-Camping-Waiver-Health-Form-MMG                      No later than May 22, 2023
Group-Camp-Background-Check                               No later than May 22, 2023
Covid-19_Screening_Assessment_Form_MMG                    At check-in on June 2, 2023

You will also need to bring your CDC Covid-19 vaccination record to check-in on June 2, 2023.

The first three forms can be downloaded from a shared folder using this link:

Pick Up Forms:

Instructions for the Camp Hi-Rock Health Waiver and Background Check PDF forms:

1. You may download each file individually or all three at once. If you download all three at once, they arrive combined within one zip file.
2. Save the download file(s) locally to your device. If you downloaded all three at once, extract the files from the zip file.
3. Open each file in Adobe Acrobat Reader or a compatible application.
4. Fill out the required fields. If you are unfamiliar with Adobe Acrobat, look for the “Fill & Sign” feature.
5. Add your e-signature with the e-sign tool (the icon looks like a fountain pen point). Common options for e-signatures are pre-saved images of your signature (if you have one) or your name in a cursive font, for example, Jeremy Jinglehopper.
6. Use “File/Save as” to add your first and last name in the front of the existing file name.
7. Use the “File Request” link below to upload your completed forms to an encrypted Dropbox folder. This folder is only accessible to one person on the MMG OC, who will forward your forms to Camp Hi-Rock using a secure, encrypted file transfer method.

File Request:
Upload only the Camp Hi-Rock forms and ensure your first and last names are included in the file name. When uploading the files, you may or may not be prompted to add your name to the file. This is all so that in the receiving folder, each file has a distinct name and so that we know who uploaded it.

Instructions for the MMG Covid-19 Screening Assessment form and CDC Covid-19 vaccination record:

1. Save the Screening Assessment form locally to your device.
2. On June 2, before leaving for the gathering, take an At Home Covid-19 Antigen test.
3. Either Fill out the form electronically and print it or print and fill it out by hand.
4. If you test Negative and have answered “No” to questions one and two, bring your Screening Assessment Form and CDC Covid-19 vaccination record (or a photo) to Bear Rock Lodge at Camp Hi-Rock to show during check-in.