Sample Schedule

  • Workshops listed below come from previous events, and do not reflect any particular Gathering Schedule.
  • No one is required to participate in any particular activity. You can have a great weekend without attending a single workshop.
  • If you decide not to go to a limited enrollment workshop for which you have signed up, please remove your name from the sign-up sheet so another man can enroll in your place.
  • Please make every effort to arrive on time for workshops so as not to disrupt them after they have begun. We try to ring a bell roughly ten minutes before each workshop session and then again when the event starts. If you are running really late, feel free to skip a session.
Sample MMG Schedule
Day Time Event Location
4:00 PM Registration/Check-in begins Dining Hall
6:00 PM Light Supper Dining Hall
8:00 PM Opening Circle Dining Hall
7:30-9:00 Breakfast Dining Hall
8:30-10:00 Workshops (Session I)

  1. Full-Body Active Stretching for EveryBODY
  2. Aging for Dummies
  3. Finding the Child Inside
  4. Empty Nest
10:30-12:00 Workshops (Session II)

  1. Singing and Shantying Together
  2. What is Masculinity?
  3. So You Think Your Family is Crazy!??
12:15-1:00 MMG: “Town Meeting” Dining Hall Porch or TBA
1:00-1:15 Group Photo TBA – Typically outdoors
1:15-2:15 Lunch Dining Hall
2:15-4:00 Free Time
4:00-5:30 Workshops (Session III)

  1. Conversations with Our Fathers
  2. Addiction
  3. Spoofin’, Goofin’ and Havin’ Fun
  4. Chowda!
6:00-7:00 Dinner Dining Hall
7:30-9:30 Talent Show Staff Lounge
9:30-11:00 Drumming Dining Hall
9:30-11:00 Dancing/Movement Staff Lounge
7:30-9:00 Breakfast Dining Hall
8:30-10:00 Workshops (Session IV)

  1. Birdwatching/ Nature’s Edibles Walk
  2. Spirituality & Sexuality
  3. Griefs and Regrets
  4. Intro to Yoga
10:15 AM Closing circle Dining Hall or TBA
12:30 PM Lunch Dining Hall
1:30 PM Cleanup – please leave your space neat Your room