What will happen?

Friday afternoon registration opens around 4 pm.

A light meal will be available starting at 6 pm. At 8 we gather to formally begin the weekend with Opening Circle, consisting of low-key welcome ritual, orientation, and announcements. Here each man has a chance to introduce himself to the group. Workshop leaders make pitches for their offerings. An hour or so after Opening Circle, options for each of the four workshop slots will have been posted, and sign-ups for those sessions will have begun. Keep checking the tables with workshop listings during the course of the weekend because workshops with low enrollments may be cancelled while new workshops are often added. Weather conditions may cause a change in workshop location (like moving outdoors). Workshop presenters should see Wayne Williams about special space, heating, privacy or time slot requests.

During Saturday there are 3 optional workshop/playshop sessions with 2 or more choices in each slot. Before lunch there’s the optional Town Meeting (status report from OC and group input to planned changes) and taking of a group photo. After lunch, there are a couple of hours of free time. Saturday night right after a family-style served dinner we treat ourselves to an evening of open-mic entertainment. After the talent show there is both drumming and dancing and movement to recorded music usually in the talent show area.

Sunday morning brings a final round of workshops, Closing Circle, lunch and camp clean-up.