Where do I sleep?

Please check in with the Registrar before claiming any bed/room.  We are bunking in several areas. The biggest- the Senior Division – sleeps eighteen arranged in units of four, or so, divided by half walls.  “The Suites” has three rooms, each with four beds and a bath. The adjacent bedroom bathroom/kitchen suite (which we call “The Elbow Room”) may not be used for sleeping. The Nurse’s Cabin, the closest to the dining hall, is reserved for those with special needs.  While the cabins are unheated, most men can adapt to conditions. The campground is in the process of adding central heat to both the Suites and Senior Division. If need be, a sleeper could bring a mattress to the dining hall, which is heated (and air conditioned).  Particularly at Senior Division, be considerate about talking/making noise when others are resting or sleeping.  Politely invite noise-makers to take their conversation outside.

Due to camp regulations, all cabins are closed until 4 pm. Any time after 4 pm you can choose a place to bunk for the weekend, and unload your stuff. You can drive to the cabin to unload your gear, but you must immediately return your car to the parking lot for the weekend.

Because the Suites have become very popular with a number of men, we have begun a program where men can reserve these rooms for a very small fee, as long as they register and send full payment in advance. Complete details are in the brochure.