What are the rules?

  1. No smoking anywhere in Camp Joslin.
  2. No alcoholic beverages, controlled substances, pets or weapons.
  3. No skinny-dipping or nudity outdoors.
  4. Current agreement with camp forbids swimming, boating… any use of the pond
  5. Please arrive for workshops as close to on time as possible. Coming in late disrupts the bonding and safety-establishment process. If you decide not to go to a workshop you’ve signed up for, remember to cross your name off the list.
  6. Display material related to other men’s activities/issues/events on designated table in the dining hall. Each gathering we have an Expo, an exhibit space for art, pictures, or samples of interests that reveal your non-MMG side. Don’t leave behind anything at the end of the weekend that may disturb young campers or their parents.
  7. Cars must be parked outside Dining Hall, not by your cabin (disability exception)